Welcome to Maayan Torah Day School

Maayan, located in Portland Oregon, was founded by local members of the Jewish community who believe that a Torah day school and Jewish preschool is central to Jewish life in Portland. "Maayan" is the Hebrew term for a “spring of water.”  At Maayan, we seek to instill in each student the love of Torah, as a wellspring in our lives.

Maayan offers values based education and inspires children to love Judaism and Mitzvot.  Our rich academic, AdvanED accredited, program features academic excellence in secular studies. Maayan students are poised for future success.  In addition, our text driven Torah/Judaic studies program is unparalled in the state. Further, our student-engaged learning environment is just what children need to help them reach their personal and academic potential.

Maayan is a Jewish elementary and preschool with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Maayan is proud to welcome students and families from across the broad spectrum of the Jewish community of greater Portland, as well as new Portland residents from around the world.  

Maayan Torah Day School is a member of Oregon Federation of Independent Schools (OFIS).  Maayan is also an affiliate of the National Society of Hebrew Day Schools, accredited through AdvancED, and is a registered 501 c 3 organization.

We look forward to meeting you personally, and learning more about how we can serve you.  

Schedule your tour today! (503) 245-5568 or email info@maayanpdx.og OR ykalter@maayanpdx.org




Inspire Children to Love Judaism

Maayan Torah Day School strives to imbue every child with a lifelong love of Torah.  Starting with a rich Jewish preschool experience, the relationships and Jewish experiences that we cultivate, inspire children with inner strength, resilience and a lifelong sense of purpose.


We provide a Jewish values based program that develops Middot Tovot, love of Hashem, commitment to Mitzvot, Israel, and the Jewish people.


We give children the opportunity to develop Torah learning text skills, which enables them to access Torah wisdom their whole lives. Most importantly, we focus on the joy and meaning found in Torah & Mitzvot.


High Student Achievement

Maayan Torah aims for high student achievement in both Judaic and General Studies. We develop rigor and analytic depth within our students.  Our accreditation review from AdvancED noted our strength in learning and teaching.

Maayan Torah has strong systems  for advancing student progress through national/state standards.  Our teachers provide the environment and expertise needed for students to develop analytical, evaluative and critical thinking skills. 


Student Centered Learning Environment 

​​​​​​​Maayan education promotes student engagement as the vehicle for motivating students. Students' active involvement in learning, is a key to their acquisition of knowledge at Maayan.

Our student centered philosophy recognizes the greatness of each child and what they bring to the world around them.


Aviel Brodkin


Rabbi Kalter

Director of Development/

Judaic Principal

Tia Weniger

Preschool Director

Bre Murphy

Office Manager


Why I send my kids to Jewish Day School

If Jews care so much about "informed choice," isn't providing their young with a Jewish education the best way to keep them informed?

FAQ's about Torah Day School

  • “How will your kids get a good secular education?”
  • “They can learn everything they need to know in sunday school!”
  • “It’s so expensive. How can you afford it?”