Maayan is accredited through Cognia/AdvancEd and received an above-average score through the accreditation process.  Maayan offers a K-8th grade education.  We prioritize students' active involvement in the learning process.

We utilize nurtured heart recognitions and student engagement strategies to foster an excitement for learning which develops SELF-MOTIVATED students. Additionally, our education emphasizes positive student-teacher relationships, where the student’s best interest is highly valued.

We believe that General and Jewish Studies have a synergistic relationship.  The study of classic Jewish texts amplifies children’s abilities to think critically in their general studies.  Our curriculum emphasizes both General and Judaic Studies.

Our Judaic program is text-driven, with a strong focus on primary Torah sources. We focus on the skills needed to develop independent Torah learners. Our school offers an environment which conveys the joy and meaning of Torah and Mitzvot. Our staff is committed to ensuring a positive and accepting feeling that inspires a love for Judaism.

Our General Studies program utilizes curriculum that enable children to continually progress. Small group work as well as project-based learning are instrumental in achieving this goal.


Nurtured Heart Approach

Focuses and recognizes exemplary behaviors and abiities within students.  Nurtured Heart relentlesly energizes the positive actions students are doing.

Blended Classrooms

“Problem solving” with peers, communication, skills for following procedures and self management, and incorporating friends into our play.

Multiple Intelligences

Students of all abilities, especially the gifted are challenged.  Our small class iszes allows room for individual guided growth and exploration.  

Student Engagement

Students are invited to be a part of the learning process.  Project Based Learning or PBL is incorporated within our classrooms on a regular basis.

Mrs. Ela O'Connor,

Judaics Principal

Mrs. Becky Morland,

General Studies Principal