Welcome to Maayan's Early Childhood Education Program!


We are proud to announce the opening of our newest classroom! We now welcome children from infants to five years of age. We have five classrooms for our youngest learners to thrive.


Early Learning experiences are the foundation of a child's education.  Maayan's top-rated E.C.E. program paves the way for children beginning their educational journey.  From explorative play, to navigating social experiences, to early literacy, our Early Childhood Program provides a comprehensive and joyful experience.  Our program utilizes our wonderful Jewish traditions and the amazing world around us as educational tools.  


Every child deserves a warm and nurturing atmosphere that fosters a curiosity, social emotional wellbeing, and a love for learning.  Children are natural scientists.  They are eager to learn about the world, and love to experiment.  Every child can succeed when given ample opportunities to explore and learn.


Come visit us and discover why our parents rate us with 5 stars!


Mrs. Angela Singrey - Early Childhood Director


Mrs. Amy Sohn - Early Childhood Assistant Director




Parsha, Jewish Holidays/Yomim Tovim, love of Mitzvot, and Hashem.  Maayan's E.C.E. Judaics program is integrated with our general studies to promote relevance of Judaism to our world. Fostering a love of Judaism, Israel, and our people is the foundation of a proud Jewish existence.

Science & Math

Nature, exploration, thematic units, and experiments.

Number sense, hands-on manipulatives, patterns, measuring & counting.  Young explorers and mathematicians, develop into inquisitive young adults eager to learn.

Socialization Skills

Children learn how to navigate friendships, “problem solve” with peers, communicate, and develop the ability to function well as a group in a learning setting.  As children learn to self-regulate and master emotions, friendships blossom and confidence booms.



Literacy & Language Development

Our preschool curriculum nurtures pre-reading and writing skills.  Maayan's preschool cultivates a child's comfort with text.  A robust classroom library, daily read alouds, and exposure to the alphabet are coupled with vocabulary and language expansion. This comprehensive experience readies our students for kindergarten and beyond. 

Hebrew Language

Exposure to a second language through games and songs boosts brain development.  Our Hebrew-rich environment primes children to learn the basics in developmentally appropriate ways. Children practice using common social language like that used at the store, at meals, and basic questions, as they launch their Hebrew learning. 

Art, Music, Movement & Play

Developing creativity through a variety of mediums including a creative building center. Singing, dancing, sports, active games, and weekly music enrichment are all common experiences at Maayan.

Sand and water play, textile center, cooking, dramatic play, ample outdoor space, and free play add to a robust sensory experience for our youngest learners.